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What should be paid attention to when using quality horizontal band sawmill

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Matters needing attention in the use of quality horizontal band sawmill

1. quality horizontal sawmill machine lifts the saw up as much as possible to prevent the tooth tip from grinding or grinding the wood, so as to protect the sharpness of the chisel blade.

2. People's head can be slightly to the left, but do not use a saw, the head is tilted to the right, so it is easy to walk and the cavity is fatigued.

3. The eyes are as close as possible to the longitudinal direction of the sawing target, and the line of sight can see both sides of the saw blade.

4. Avoid body movement, only move the arm, causing the arm to be strenuous, the partial endurance cannot be tolerated, the length of the saw blade moving up and down is short, and the result of the big saw cannot be used.

5. Prevent the chest from moving up and down excessively, adding extra burden to the waist.

6. Eliminate excessive bending and work, but do not pay attention to the waist movement, the human body will produce serious weight, coupled with work, the waist will soon produce soreness, or can not feel when the waist is bent, the back pain has been coming, affecting the continuity Work.

7. When the quality horizontal sawmill is operated for a long time, the left palm of the saw back sometimes foams. It can be pulled with a small wooden block, and then clamped on the saw back near the saw button. It can be avoided by covering the small wooden block with your hands.

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