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Why Does The Band Saw Blade Fall Off?

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ysdmill band saw blade

When the woodworking band saw machine is working, the band saw blade runs with the saw wheel. The forward and backward movement or sudden entry and exit of a band saw blade is called blade falling. So why did the band saw blade fall off? There are several reasons for this:
① The upper wheel of the band saw machine tilts. Need to adjust the upper wheel of the band saw machine.
② The outer diameter taper of the saw wheel is too large, and the saw wheel is uneven. It is necessary to perform precise turning and grinding to smooth the wheel flange surface.
③ The wood cracked and got stuck during the return process, causing the band saw blade to fall off. Attention should be paid to wood defects during operation.
④ The clamping saw generates heat, reduces tension, or even disappears. It is necessary to remove resin sawdust and debris from the saw wheel and blade, as well as brush oil frequently.

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