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YSDMILL Tells You Why The Wood Sawn by The Automatic Vertical Bandsaw Sawmill Is Bent

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automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill

The automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill machine is a sawing machine that uses a ring endless band saw blade as the sawing tool and makes a one-way continuous linear movement around two saw wheels to cut wood.
YSDMILL tells you the reasons why the wood sawed by the band saw is bent:
1. Reasons for band saw:
① The tensioning device is not flexible, and the hammer is too light. Generally repair the tensioning device and weight the heavy hammer.
② The rim surface of the saw wheel is worn, and the front and rear diameters are different.
2. Reasons for saw blade:
① The tooth shape is not correct, the tooth chamber is too small, and the saw blade is narrow and biased. Correct the tooth shape, increase the tooth chamber, and adjust and increase the saw path.
② Uneven tension, loose mouth, adjust the tension.
③ Too many joints and improper repair. The saw blade shall have as few joints as possible, or the saw blade with many joints shall be specially repaired.
3. Operation reason:
① The upper and lower hand delivery are inconsistent. The upper and lower levels should be concentrated and in step.
② If the saw clamp is too loose or deviated, adjust the saw clamp.
③ The feeding speed is too fast and uneven. The feeding shall be kept stable and decelerated in case of knots.
④ The saw wheel and saw blade stained with resin sawdust shall be removed in time.
⑤ The saw blade is blunt and cannot be used any more. The saw blade is poor and should not be used reluctantly.

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