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Advantages of YSDMILL CNC Band Sawmill

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wood working vertical band sawmill

1.High processing efficiency of CNC band sawmill
It can automatically clamp and process multiple workpieces at one time, and the processing efficiency of the CNC band saw is 5-10 times that of the manual sawing machine; However, the traditional band saw requires scribing and can only process one piece at a time, which is time-consuming and laborious.
2. The wood surface processed by the numerical control band saw is of good quality and accuracy
For most workpieces, there is no need for re milling, and the CNC band saw reduces the production cycle and cost;
3. Save processing consumables
It can process various special-shaped workpieces;
4. Save wood
There is no need for scribing processing, especially when processing valuable wood, which can greatly save production costs;
5. CNC band saw machine has a wide processing range
It can machine multi curved surface special-shaped workpiece, and the workpiece does not need to move on the workbench during sawing;
6. Simple programming
Each CNC band saw machine is equipped with a set of automatic programming software developed by YSDMILL, which does not require professional programmers and greatly reduces labor costs;
7. Simple and light mechanical structure, low machine failure rate, simple daily care and maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

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