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Familiar with The Structure of Vertical Band Saw Machine

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The technical specifications of vertical band saws are different, but their structures are much the same with minor differences, and their working principles are basically the same. Now take YSDMILL band saws as an example to introduce the structural characteristics of vertical band saws.
YSDMILL woodworking vertical band saw machine is mainly composed of base (body), upper and lower saw wheels, adjusting handwheel, saw clamp, brake device, motor and other components. All transmission parts of the band saw are sealed to ensure safe operation. The base, upper and lower sawing wheels and worktable are made of cast iron. Two saw wheels with the same diameter are installed above and below the body respectively. The upper saw wheel can be adjusted up and down to facilitate loading and unloading of the band saw blade and adjust the tension of the band saw blade. The lower saw wheel is the driving wheel, which is driven by the belt pulley.
In order to prevent the saw blade from swinging left and right when sawing wood, a saw clip is installed under and above the table. There is a pulley behind the upper saw card. When the saw blade runs backward, it plays a limiting role and does not cause the saw blade to fall. The machine tool adopts the method of centralized discharge of sawdust to ensure the cleanness of the working place.

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