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How To Install And Adjust A Bandsaw Hydraulic Automatic Log Carriage

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Hydraulic Automatic Log Carriage

1. Place the band sawmill stand smoothly on the band saw foundation.

2. The saw wheel is the main component of the band sawmill machine, and the upper and lower saw wheels must be adjusted on a vertical plane. The edge of the outer diameter of the saw wheel should be perpendicular to the center of the saw edge of the machine base. The lower saw wheel is adjusted by the set-up bolts on the suspended bearing bracket. Adjustment of the upper saw wheel: Loosen the locking bolt after the upper saw wheel bearing seat, rotate the adjusting screw, the upper wheel bearing seat and the fuselage move relatively, so that the position of the upper wheel pressing the wheel can be accurately adjusted in the horizontal plane. Adjustment.

3. The upper wheel lifting device is used to correctly adjust the center distance of the two wheels, so as to be tensioned and loaded and unloaded according to the length of the saw blade. Push the hand wheel forward, turn the hand wheel, the upper saw wheel can rise or fall in parallel. If you need to adjust the inclination of the upper saw wheel, pull the hand wheel back so that the pin on the hand wheel shaft is separated from the left bevel tooth. At this time, when the hand wheel is turned, only the right bevel tooth rotates. The right guide post can be lifted and lowered independently to achieve the purpose of adjusting the inclination. This can not only tension the saw blade, but also prevent the strip from channeling.

4. In order to ensure that the tension of the saw blade remains balanced during sawing, the machine is equipped with a lever-type tensioning device. The weight of the hanging hammer must be increased or decreased according to the width and thickness of the saw blade used. The size of the saw blade tension is generally different. less than the recommended value.

5. The machine tool has a saw card device to prevent the band saw blade from swinging violently when it runs at high speed. The saw card can be raised and lowered frequently according to the size of the wood being cut. The lining of the saw card should be made of hard miscellaneous wood, and the end in the direction of the grain should be used to support the saw blade. The gap between the saw clip and the saw blade is generally about 0.15-0.25mm.

6. This band sawmill and hydraulic automatic log carriage machine tool is equipped with a backing plate device. Adjusting the distance between the backing plate and the band saw blade can saw various kinds of plates and squares of different specifications.

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