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How To Operate The Woodworking Band Saw Machine Safely

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Band Saw Machine

When using the woodworking band saw machine, you need to pay attention to the safety issues. Next, YSDMILL will explain how to operate the woodworking band saw machine safely.
1. Check whether the operating position of the woodworking band saw machine has sufficient light and no shadow. Carefully check whether the station is properly arranged and whether there are foreign matters in the working area. Start the machine after confirming that there is no error. Check that there are no iron nails and other sundries in the processed wood to prevent damage to the band saw and personal injury.
2. Before starting the band saw, check whether the switch button and foot operator are normal.
3. Before starting the band saw machine, check whether the saw blade is cracked or twisted, whether the tension device of the saw blade is normal, and whether the tightness of the saw blade. Adjust the tension to the specified value according to the model and specification of the machine tool, and whether the protective device is in good condition. Ordinary band saw and log carriage band saw should also replace the thallium according to the width of the saw blade.
4. If the crack length at the tooth side of the saw blade exceeds 10mm, the crack length at the joint of the saw blade exceeds 10mm, and the saw blade with two consecutive missing teeth and more than three joints shall not be used.
5. Check whether the saw clamp is normal, and adjust the saw clamp position to about 30mm from the upper surface of the wood. When the saw clamp is adjusted, check whether the protective cover between the saw clamp and the upper saw wheel is normal.
6. Adjust the gap between the saw band and the saw clip to be 0.08~0.15mm.
7. The tightness of the saw blade shall be adjusted according to the thickness, width and width of the saw blade, and then the saw blade shall be operated without load. Only when the sound is normal and there is no danger of string, can the saw blade be opened.
8. For machines that can tilt the workbench, check whether the workbench is level and locked.
9. When the joinery band saw is operated, the hand should be more than 3cm away from the saw blade, and the material should not be pushed too hard. When sawing the arc, the angle should not be too large, and the material should not be pushed too fast to avoid breaking the saw blade.
10. After the sawing machine is started, if there is any unevenness on the surface of the first saw mouth, stop the machine for inspection.
11. Stop the saw when adjusting the saw clamp. It is strictly forbidden to loosen the saw clamp when the saw blade is running.
12. During the operation of the band saw, always observe the trend of the saw blade, and pay attention to prevent the saw blade from breaking and falling off, so as to avoid accidents. When the saw blade is broken and the belt has not completely stopped rotating, it is not allowed to take the saw blade by hand.
13. When using a band saw to cut wood, both hands should be placed outside the safety line (350mm away from the saw blade) and separated outward. The hand holding the board shall not cross the saw surface.
14. The saw blade shall not be installed too tight or too loose. If the saw blade swings or sounds abnormally during operation, stop the machine immediately for inspection.
15. When the band saw machine is stopped, wood can not be used to brake the driven wheel and saw blade. To avoid personal accidents due to the speed difference between the upper and lower wheels. It is also not allowed to push the sawtooth cutting edge with wood during the inertia rotation of the saw blade. When the dust suction nozzle is blocked by sawdust, it is forbidden to clean the nozzle with a wooden rod at the back side of the saw wheel during operation.
16. In case of failure during the operation of the machine, the machine must be shut down and the power supply must be cut off immediately.
17. When adjusting the slope of the workbench as required, pay attention not to collide with the saw blade and clip, and level the workbench in time after the work.
18. Clean the shavings and sawdust on the machine table in time. It is strictly forbidden to clean directly by hand. The shavings and sawdust shall be stored in the designated place.
19. Turn off the power supply before adjusting the machine tool.
20. After the operation is completed, stop the machine and cut off the power supply, lock the gate box, and the operator must wait until the machine tool is completely stopped before leaving.

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