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How To Prevent Wood Splitting When Using Automatic Horizontal Band Sawmill?

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automatic horizontal band sawmill (2)

There are many kinds of wood for automatic horizontal band sawmill machines with different characteristics. Even if they are stored under the same conditions, due to their hardness, density, water content, oil content, growth speed, diameter size, number of knots, straight texture and unevenness. Uniform structure, etc., the resulting split shape and split degree are also different. On the contrary, they all have a common point of shrinkage and splitting.

There are two reasons for the splitting of logs on the automatic horizontal band sawmill:

(1) After the log is felled, most of the water contained in the body is affected by the external temperature, and most of it moves along the wood wool straw and is discharged from both ends. The law of temperature transmission starts from the outside and gradually affects the inside. In this way, the surface part is heated first, the moisture is discharged first, and the dry shrinkage first, resulting in different internal and external dryness of the entire wood, resulting in the stress of shrinking and supporting. Cracks appear on the surface.

(2) Since the sapwood is younger than the heartwood, its density is poor, its stability is low, its water content is large, and its shrinkage is large, when the wood shrinks along the chord, the shrinkage of the inner chord is smaller than that of the outer chord, resulting in inconsistent shrinkage. internal stress, leading to splitting of the surgical material.

There are several ways to prevent log splitting:

(1) Put the logs in a cool and ventilated place, so that the surrounding wood can be affected by the temperature in a balanced way, and can delay the drying time and reduce the shrinkage stress.

(2) Store the log in water to prevent it from shrinking and splitting before sawing.

(3) The large stacking reduces the exposure surface and increases the shade and ventilation.

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