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How To Store The Woodworking Band Sawmill If It Is Not Used for A Long Time

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Sawmill Band Saw Machine

Through the recent return visits to customers, we found that although there are manuals, some people still do not know much about woodworking band saws, and they have ignored some points that should be paid attention to, and cannot give full play to the full performance of woodworking band saws. Today, YSDMILL will discuss with you the storage of woodworking band saws that have not been used for a long time, hoping to help you.

1. The woodworking band sawmill should be parked in a dry room. Those who have to park outdoors should choose a flat ground and cover it with wooden boards. Cover with a cloth cover after parking.

2. Before the woodworking band sawmill machine is stored for a long time, it is necessary to maintain the woodworking band saw machine, repair the damaged parts, and thoroughly clean it to keep the technical state in good condition.

3. The arrangement and arrangement in the parking lot should ensure that the entry and exit of any machine are not affected by other machines.

4. The fuel control lever of the band saw machine should be placed in the idle position, and each lever should be placed in the neutral position.

5. The engine of the band saw should be well kept.

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