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How You The Operation of Band Sawmill Machine

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Woodworking Band Sawmill With Automatic Log Carriage

The operator of the band sawmill machine must be familiar with the basic knowledge and usage of the band sawmill machine's structure, performance, operating system, transmission system, protective devices, lubrication parts, electrical and so on.

2 Wear labor protection equipment as required before operating the band sawmill.

3 Before opening the band sawmill machine, check the position of each handle, each transmission part and protective cover, the limit device should be firm and reliable, whether the tool is firm and reliable, whether the cutting fluid meets the requirements, and whether the electrical protection is connected to zero is reliable, etc. After inspection, lubricate before shift according to the parts and oil quantity specified in the lubrication chart of this band saw machine.

4 After checking and refueling, the operator will idle the band saw machine at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes to check whether there is any abnormal noise in the operation of the band saw machine, the lubrication condition of each part, the level of lubricating oil, whether the control handle is flexible, and whether the reciprocating mechanism is normal and reliable. Whether the mechanical and electrical limits are reliable, and whether the saw blade has cracks.

5. The spirit should be concentrated during the processing operation, and it is strictly forbidden to talk to others. It is strictly forbidden to leave the post during automatic operation; it is not allowed to use it beyond the specification; it is not allowed to dismantle mechanical and electrical limits at will; it is not allowed to place excess items on the workbench; . When leaving the band saw machine, you must stop and turn off the power for a long time.

6 The tool clamping is flat, firm and reliable, and check for looseness at any time.

7 Before processing, it is necessary to test the stroke with an empty car. After confirming that the reciprocating stroke limit work is correct, processing can be carried out.

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