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Specification Operation Automatic Horizontal Band Sawmill

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automatic horizontal band sawmill (2)

1. Before operating the automatic horizontal band sawmill, wear tight overalls and fasten the cuffs to prevent the machine from being strangled.

2. All preparations should be done before the automatic horizontal band sawmill is started. The vise is installed so that the center of the saw material is located in the middle of the sawing stroke. The stock is placed horizontally in the vise, at right angles to the saw blade.

3. The band saw blade must be tightened, and the test run should be idling for 3-5 minutes before sawing to blow out the air in the hydraulic cylinder and the oil grooves on the hydraulic transmission device, and check whether the saw is faulty and whether the lubricating oil circuit is normal.

4. The automatic horizontal band sawmill should be observed at any time during use to check whether the running parts are running normally and whether there is any abnormal sound.

5. During the operation of the saw, it is not allowed to change speed in the middle. The saw material should be placed, clamped and clamped firmly. The amount of feed is determined according to the hardness of the material, the diameter of the material and the quality of the saw blade (the smaller the diameter, the smaller the cutting speed and the amount of feed).

6. The chips produced by automatic horizontal band sawmill cutting should be cleaned up in time.

7. If the band saw blade is broken in the middle, the power should be turned off and then replaced, and the workpiece should be turned over and a new saw edge should be cut. Proper tension and running-in of the new saw blade is the key to the later life (the cutting speed of the new saw blade is 50% of the normal cutting speed after running-in, which will directly affect the service life of the saw blade).

8. After the work is completed, the band saw blade should be loosened, the power supply should be cut off, the joysticks should be returned to the empty positions, and the cleaning should be done.

9. If the automatic horizontal band sawmill is running, if any fault is found (the saw belt is broken, the pull teeth are cut obliquely, check the wheel disc to see if there is a biting belt, the guide bearing does not work, the belt is loose, the wire brush does not move, etc., it should be stopped immediately and reported Workshop supervisor.

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