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The Advantages Of Automatic Hydraulic Horizontal Sawmill

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Horizontal sawmill

The automatic hydraulic horizontal sawmill is composed of a saw frame, a parallelogram adjustment device or four screw adjustment devices, a grinding saw, a rail, and a lifting bracket.   When the hydraulic automatic horizontal band sawmill machine is working, the wood is fixed and the track is fixed on the wood.   The sawing machine is installed on the track.   Through the parallelogram adjusting device, the thickness of the processed wood is adjusted, so that the sawing machine cuts along the plane of the wood.

The advantages of automatic hydraulic horizontal sawmill are:

1.   The main cutting movement of the saw blade of the automatic horizontal band sawmill is one-way and continuous, so it is easier to increase the cutting speed.

2.   The automatic hydraulic horizontal sawmill machine can be used for single sawing.   Realizing reasonable sawing and lowering is beneficial to improve the yield rate and the quality of the finished product.

3.   Thin saw blades can be used on band saws, and the sawing path is narrow, which can relatively reduce the loss of sawdust.

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