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The Reason And Solution of Strip Falling of Vertical Bandsaw Sawmill

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automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill with log carriage

It is inevitable that the vertical bandsaw sawmill will have problems when it is working. When the band saw blade moves with the saw wheel, it moves back and forth or enters and exits suddenly, which is called blade falling. Why does the band saw blade drop? There are several reasons:
① The last wheel leans. We should adjust the last wheel.
② The taper of the outer diameter of the saw wheel is too large, and the saw wheel is uneven. We should finish turning and grinding to smooth the flange surface.
③ When the wood is split, it gets stuck and pulled off. We should pay attention to the wood defects during operation.
④ The pinch saw is hot, and the tension is reduced or even disappeared. We should remove the resin sawdust on the saw wheel and band saw blade and the debris on the saw card, and brush oil frequently.

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