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Two Common Ways of Using Portable Sawmill

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portable sawmill

Today, YSDMILL introduces the portable sawmill to you. The portable sawmill is a horizontal band saw machine. This machine is very convenient to use in our life. Many lumber mills use the portable sawmill. The portable sawmill has several power modes, including the gasoline engine portable sawmill, diesel engine portable sawmill, and electric engine portable sawmill.

Portable sawmill can be used in different workplaces, in factories, mountains, forests and more. Portable sawmill can cut wood in a short time, so how many sawing methods does portable sawmill have? Let's investigate together!

1. Right-angle sawing method

When sawing a right-angled corner, first drill a round hole in the corner, and then cut in the direction of the arrow in the figure. It can be sawed directly when there is a lot of room for turning the corner.

2. Bevel sawing.

When sawing bevels, the machine table can be tilted to the desired angle. It is also possible to make a wedge-shaped plate with a corresponding slope and fix it on the desktop without adjusting the desktop of the machine tool. When the workpiece is sent along the wedge-shaped plate, the necessary slope is sawn.

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