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What Causes The Band Saw Blade Swing of Woodworking Band Saw Machine?

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Sawmill Band Saw Machine

The band saw blade of the band saw moves forward and backward when the woodworking band saw is running. It left its original position and even fell off. There are many reasons for this. This is usually caused by improper tension of the saw blade. Let's take a look at the causes of the saw blade swing?
1. The tension is small and the saw blade is too loose. If the tension of the saw blade is relatively small, it cannot be effectively fixed on the saw wheel. When the saw blade is cut and impacted or rubbed, part of the tension disappears, and the saw blade will deviate. When the saw blade is idling, it returns to its original position. Properly adjust the tension of the saw blade, especially when processing hardwood, a thicker saw blade is required, and the tension of the saw blade should be properly adjusted.
2. The upper and lower wheels of the band saw are inclined rather than vertical, which will also cause the saw blade to swing. If the upper strip is tensioned and upside down, the saw blade will not be exposed. Make sure that the bearing housing of the lower wheel is in the middle of the sling. If there is any deviation, please adjust it to the center position, and then adjust the upper wheel. The length of the saw blade on the upper and lower wheels is the same as the length of the edge of the saw wheel. If there is a deviation, the position of the upper wheel and the lower wheel is inclined and needs to be adjusted.
3. The saw wheel of the band saw is seriously worn, and it is easy to swing the saw blade. If the saw wheel is worn in a tapered shape, the saw blade will not be effectively attached to the saw wheel and will deviate. At this time, the saw wheel shall be ground, and attention shall be paid to the accuracy of the saw wheel during grinding.
4. The inflexibility of the upper wheel tensioning device of the band saw also causes the vibration of the saw blade. Due to dust or wear, the saw blade will get stuck after being lifted for a long time, so be sure to check the tensioning device of the band saw and clean it. In the debris and keep lubricated.
5. If the band saw has just started to close the saw blade, the upper wheel should not be adjusted when installing the saw blade. Adjust the saw blade to a proper position by adjusting the handle of the upper wheel.
The above are the reasons and solutions for the band saw blade swing, and there are other reasons for the saw blade vibration, such as bearing damage, large cracks in the saw blade, excessive pressure or too light pressure. happen.

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