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What Does A Horizontal Band Saw Cut

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automatic horizontal band sawmill (2)

Woodworking horizontal band saw machine is composed of saw frame, parallelogram adjusting device or four screw adjusting device, saw grinding machine, track and lifting bracket.
Horizontal band saw machine is a kind of saw cutting log, saw cutting board band saw tool. Horizontal band saw can be professional sawing rosewood, pine and so on. Horizontal band saw machine processing, save labor and material, environmental protection and saving.
Automatic horizontal woodworking band sawing machine can cut round wood, square wood, rosewood and other precious wood. Band saw machine adopts PLC control system. The operation is simple. Only need to input the cutting thickness and length, and then a key start to complete the whole sawing process. Horizontal band saw machine adopts alloy hard saw blade. The sawn wood has a smooth, traceless surface.
Horizontal band saw saves time and materials, reasonable price and stable quality. It is the preferred equipment for processing wood factory and furniture factory.

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