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What Functions Does The YSDMILL Custom Made Sawmill Line

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Custom made sawmill line

YSDMILL custom made sawmill line for high productive wood cutting, we can cutstom made sawmill line as your log diameter, log length, finished timber size.    Thin kerf with precicion cutting.

1.    The automatic sawmill line adopts PLC control, the PLC control box control the whole production line.

2.   Automatic loading and unloading.

3.    Infrared assisted positioning turned wood, automatic pneumatic clamping, convenient and efficient.

4.    Servo feeding, walking speed can be adjusted, the cutting speed up to 50m/min, the cutting speed is twice times over than commonly band saw, cutting precision is higher and smoothly.

5.    Good working environment, low work intensity.

6.   Two-position device wood clamping, ensure the wood(edging or without edging) firmly grasped.

7.    The stakes can be moved, ensure the wood be in the best sawing position.

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