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What Should Be Paid Attention To When Operating The Woodworking Band Saw?

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woodworking band saw

A full-time professional staff is required to operate the woodworking band saw. The operator must pass the test. The machine tool can be used after obtaining the "Equipment Operation Certificate".
The band saw operator must carefully implement the following general rules for woodworking machinery:
1. Each band saw is operated by special personnel. The operator shall carefully read the operating instructions. Understand the working conditions and doubts of this machine.
2. The operator checks the machine and the work site. For example, you should delete non work related parts.
3. Check whether the safety equipment is intact. Never use a machine without protective equipment.
4. Check whether the distribution box should be closed and ensure good electrical grounding.
5. Check whether the oil content of the smooth oil storage part is sufficient and the sealing performance is good. The oil seal, oil cup and nozzle shall be complete, the device shall be correct and the oil hole shall not be blocked. Add oil according to the rules of the smooth chart.

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