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What are the advantages of the multi head horizontal band saw?

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Multi Head Horizontal Band Saw

Multi head horizontal band saw for square wood cutting, the number of saw heads and the maximum wood cutting size can be customized according to customer requirements.

China multi head horizontal band sawmill is often used in large-scale production in sawmills and wood processing in virgin forest areas.

What are the advantages of the multi head horizontal band saw machine?

1. Provide customized cutting solutions, we can customize the saw head according to your wood specifications, such as saw wheel diameter, saw power, control system, machine color, etc.

2. The conveying system of the multi-head horizontal band saw is very important, our conveying system is processed by the machining center, and the stable operation helps to reduce the cutting tolerance.

3. Touch screen PLC control, built-in high-quality brand electrical components,

4. You can input different cutting schemes according to your needs.

5. Ordinary steel serrations/Stellite serrations/tungsten carbide serrations are available according to your requirements.

6. Stellite or carbide serrated blade will make the cutting surface smoother

7. Automatic wood press to stabilize the wood while the conveyor is cutting and transporting

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