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When To Use Automatic Hydraulic Horizontal Band Sawmill

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Hydraulic Horizontal Band Sawmill

The automatic hydraulic horizontal band sawmill is the ideal band sawmill machine for the processing of large rosewood, sandalwood and other valuable woods. The automatic band sawmill machine adopts automatic equipment such as automatic feeding, automatic discharging and returning, which can enable enterprises to save labor and reduce the labor intensity of staff.

The fully automatic horizontal band sawmill machine can not only saw raw wood, square wood, semi-circular shape and other raw materials, but also can saw various special-shaped wood. Moreover, it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, labor saving and material saving, and high degree of automation, which has become an indispensable wood processing equipment in the field of woodworking machinery.

The automatic hydraulic horizontal band sawmill is suitable for sawmills, shipyards and mountain timber harvesting sites, among others.

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