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Why choose YSDMILL bandsaw sawmill manufacturers

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The YSDMILL vertical sawmill and horizontal sawmill has the advantages of high sawing precision, high output, good surface finish, automatic operation, etc. It is a suitable choice for sawing high-grade precious mahogany and hardwood.

Product advantages:

1. High precision

The diesel engine portable sawmill has high precision, the work is smooth and smooth, and the sawing thickness error is less than 0.2mm.

2. High surface finish

Quality manual vertical sawmill smooth operation, high flatness.

3. High yield

Diesel engine portable sawmill during the sawing process, the reserved size of the board thickness is greatly reduced, and basically 10 boards can be sawed each time by adding one board.

4. The operation is automatic and simple, saving a lot of labor

The computer operation interface is easy to operate and can be completed automatically and continuously. Ordinary workers can operate it quickly and skillfully.

Xingtai YSDMILL Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is China Diesel Engine Portable Sawmill Manufacturers. The company is mainly engaged in automatic band saws, cheap automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill, automatic horizontal band sawmill suppliers, quality manual log carriage, china custom made sawmill line manufacturers.The quality is guaranteed after sale.

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