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YSDMILL Introduces You To Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine

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Square Wood Rip Saw Machine

Multi blade rip saw machine is a woodworking machine that saws round or square wood into plates.   There are square wood rip saw machine and round log rip saw machine.   Apply thin and small size woodworking saw blade, with small load and energy saving.

Multi rip saw feeding:

YSDMILL Multi rip saw feeding, mostly left and right upper and lower automobile transmission shafts, rotate synchronously, commonly known as coupling.  Multi-saw feeding is rigid and powerful, with a certain degree of advance and retreat.  It is not easy to get stuck in the wood and rebound. It is also not easy to deviate when feeding by the multi-piece saw coupling!

Advantages of multi blade rip saw machine assembly:

Because many pieces of square timber are mostly controlled by couplings, which can avoid track wear, rust and corrosion, belt aging and scratches. The excellent moisture-proof design scheme makes the main shaft bearing better moisture-proof when working and reduces the possibility of saw blade burning.

Most of the main shafts of the round wood multi-piece saw are relatively thick, which have undergone the professional inspection of the dynamic balancing machine technology, and the vibration and sound line are smaller.

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