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How To Improve The Working Efficiency of The Band Sawmill Machine

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Hydraulic engine horizontal Sawmill

1. For the purchase of band saw blades, choose a high-quality horizontal sawmill. Good horizontal sawmill machine tool rigidity and working performance can prevent vibration and various stresses from affecting the band saw blade. And choose the right band saw blade you will be using. According to the material to be cut, select the appropriate saw blade width, tooth shape and pitch.

2. Correctly use the sawing parameters of the sawing machine, which mainly include the linear speed of the saw belt, the feed rate, and the tension of the saw belt. The ideal chip for sawing of material should be tightly coiled, silver and have a warm feel. If there is sintering, brownish blue, hypertrophy or powdery chips, it is necessary to adjust the relevant parameters. The correct use of cutting fluids and their mixtures can lubricate and cool the band saw blade and clean the attachments on the teeth in time.

3. Correctly "run-in" the new band saw blade. For the use of the new saw blade, "run-in" is very important. Correct operation can effectively prolong the service life of the band saw blade. "Break-in" is to remove the burrs on the tooth edges through the natural wear of the saw teeth, so that the band saw blade gradually enters the normal sawing state, so as to avoid prematurely causing the chipping and curling of the saw teeth, especially the profiles, pipes and special-shaped materials with rapid cross-section changes. is particularly important.

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