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How to debug a woodworking vertical band sawmill

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Vertical band Sawmill

YSDMILL is a professional china woodworking vertical band sawmill manufacturers and china sawmill supplier.The company is mainly engaged in automatic band saws,automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill, automatic horizontal band sawmill suppliers, quality manual/automatic log carriage, china custom made sawmill line manufacturers.The quality is guaranteed after sale.

How to debug a woodworking vertical band sawmill?

1. The china wood working vertical band sawmill machine tool should be fastened on a solid concrete machine table, which must be horizontal and vertical without any inclination. Before installation, the motor or power, dust cover, log carriage, log carriage track, and the location of the wood should be considered. On the premise of ensuring safe production, the base can be installed. When installing, first put the machine tool on the machine table, put the foot screw on the machine base, and use a wedge iron to cushion it to ensure that it is level.

2. Adjustment of the saw wheel: When installing the lower saw wheel, the connection line between the cutting point in front of the upper saw wheel and the cutting point in front of the lower saw wheel must be perpendicular to the platform, and the saw edge of the upper and lower saw wheels must be in the same line. When adjusting, generally use a yarn with objects hanging at both ends to hang on the saw edge of the upper saw wheel for measurement: adjust the screw bolts at both ends of the upper bearing box and the screw bolts on the lower bracket. After adjustment, tighten the screw bolts.

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