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Operating Skills of Woodworking Band Sawmill

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band sawmill machine

YSDMILL woodworking band sawmill uses an annular headless band saw blade as a saw to wind the saw machine and perform a single axis continuous linear motion on two saw wheels. It is mainly composed of machine body, saw wheel, upper saw wheel lifting device, band saw blade tensioning device, saw blade guide device, workbench, guide plate, etc. The bed is made of cast iron or steel plate.

What are the operation skills of YSDMILL woodworking band sawmill? YSDMILL introduces:
1. After operation, the band saw blade shall be adjusted to make it elastic, and the tooth top shall be higher than the flywheel edge.
2. When adjusting the slope of the workbench as required, be careful not to contact the saw blade and clip. After operation, the workbench shall be leveled in time.
3. When feeding sawn wood, the feeding rate is too large. If the power of the saw blade slows down due to feeding, the wood shall be recovered immediately and then re fed after the number of revolutions.
4. Put down the upper flywheel and loosen the saw blade after work.
5. There are hardwood blocks on the upper and lower rolling heads of the band saw with log carriage, which are used to clamp the saw blade so that it will not swing, but it should not be clamped to avoid heating the saw blade.

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