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Problems in Daily Use of Woodworking Vertical Band Sawmill with Log Carriage

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vertical band sawmill with log carriage

Woodworking vertical band sawmill with log carriage is a kind of equipment often used in wood processing. Compared with traditional manual work, the band saw with log carriage has the advantages of high efficiency, time-saving and accurate processing, and is the first choice for many enterprises. What faults will the band saw with log carriage encounter during the operation? Today, YSDMILL will introduce several kinds of faults that are easy to encounter in vertical band saw with log carriage.

1. The CNC vertical band saw with log carriage is affected by the vibration of the surrounding punching and forging equipment, as well as the loosening of the fixing bolts of the vertical band saw, which affects the vibration of the saw frame, and the impact of the vibration force on the cutting process of the band saw produces tooth breakage.

2. The lifting oil cylinder of the band saw enters the air, or the saw frame cannot descend at a constant speed due to poor oil quality, worn oil cylinder, out of control valve, etc.

3. The straightness of the driving wheel, driven wheel and guide escapement mechanism cannot reach the accuracy, the saw belt cannot run in a straight line, and there are unstable cutting on the left or right, up and down.

4. The motor belt has been damaged for a long time, which leads to aging and relaxation. Intermittent rotation loss may occur during operation, causing intermittent weak sudden stop of the saw belt during cutting, resulting in tooth breakage.

5. The guide block of the sawing machine is worn after being used for a long time, which may make the saw band unable to cut vertically normally during the cutting process, and cause the saw band to be damaged due to unexpected adverse factors

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