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What Are The Reasons for The Band Saw Blade Breakage of Horizontal Band Sawmill?

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horizontal band saw

The horizontal band sawmill is a machine tool for sawing all kinds of wood. It is inevitable that the band saw blade will break in the process of use. Some wrong operations will cause the saw blade to break. What factors are responsible for this? Now, let's follow YSDMILL to learn about it.

1. As it is a bimetallic band saw blade, the band saw blade will be twisted when processing hardwood, which may cause the saw band to break accidentally.

2. The sawing machine shall be adjusted according to the distortion of the band saw blade.

3. Sometimes the hardness and material of the saw wheel also determine the service life.

4. And whether the two saw wheels are in the same plane.

5. Check whether the guide arm and guide block are in good condition.

6. Carefully check the working state of the clamping system and adjust the band saw clamp to clamp the workpiece.

Generally speaking, the fracture of the band saw blade of the horizontal band saw is caused by one or two of the above six factors, or even the superposition of several factors. Therefore, it must be carefully checked in the specific use process. The cost of band saw blade is not high, so it is recommended to choose a band saw blade with good quality as far as possible.

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