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Common Faults And Maintenance Methods of Portable Sawmill Machines

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electric portable horizontal band sawmill price

The portable sawmill machine is a machine tool for sawing various kinds of wood. According to the structure, it is divided into horizontal type and vertical type; according to the function, it is divided into semi-automatic, full-automatic and numerical control. Today, YSDMILL leads you to talk about the common faults and maintenance methods of band sawing machines.

Harsh noise when sawing with portable sawmill

cause of issue:

1. The speed of the saw blade of the portable sawmill machine is too fast or the feed rate is too large

2. Improper choice of coolant or inappropriate ratio

3. The guide block is too tight

4. There are hard points in the material;

Maintenance method:

1. Reduce the speed or feed of the portable sawmill

2. Replace the coolant

3. Adjust the guide block clearance

4. Rotate the workpiece to a certain angle and then re-cut.

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