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How Does The Cheap Electric Portable Horizontal Band Sawmill?

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electric portable horizontal band sawmill price

The  electric portable horizontal band sawmill is composed of a saw frame, a parallelogram adjustment device or a four screw adjustment device, a saw grinder, a rail and a lifting bracket. When the machine is working, the wood is fixed, the track is fixed on the wood smoothly, the saw is installed on the track, and the thickness of the processed wood is adjusted through the parallelogram adjustment device, so that the saw is cut along the plane of the wood.

Not only is the processing of larger and extra-long logs light and labor-saving, but the quality is also guaranteed. Widely used for mobile processing in sawmills, shipyards and mountain timber harvesting fields.

How does the cheap electric portable horizontal band sawmill?

How much does a portable bandsaw mill cost?

As long as the band sawmill machine is of excellent quality, you can choose it with confidence. YSDMILL has more than 30 years of experience in the production and sales of band sawmill machines. Independent research and development, reliable quality, affordable price, good after-sales.

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