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How To Maintain And Repair The Band Sawmill Machine

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Vertical sawmill with log carriage

YSDMILL specializes in the production and sales of woodworking vertical sawmill, automatic vertical bandsaw sawmill , automatic horizontal band sawmill, band sawmill with automatic log carriage, platform band saws, smart log processing sawmill system , etc.

So how to maintain and repair the YSDMILL band sawmill machine?

Vertical bandsaws should always check and calibrate parts, using the hanging wire method to check that the upper and lower saw wheels are in the vertical plane. If there is twist, it is better to adjust the upper wheel. When the gap is too large, the lower wheel can also be adjusted.

After a period of time, the upper and lower wheels of a band saw will always wear out. Check frequently to ensure that the upper wheel lifting system is flexible and reliable, the saw card lifting device can slide freely, and the automatic tensioning device is flexible.

Also check for damaged parts and loose connections. If any abnormality is found, it should be solved in time. Or scrub the fuel or repair the calibration, or even replace parts to keep the machine safe and functioning properly.

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