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How To Prevent The Band Saw Blade Falls

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Woodworking band sawmill machine may encounter the condition of band saw blade falling during use. So where is the problem? How should we solve it? YSDMILL will analyze for you to ensure the smooth completion of your sawing work!

When operating the band sawmill to cut wood, if the band saw blade runs or falls. It is usually caused by non-standard installation, incorrect operation or inadequate cleaning. It is also possible that the specification of the band saw blade does not match the material size. There is also the band saw blade damage caused by excessive resistance of the band saw blade caused by violent sawing.

So how can we prevent the band saw blade from falling?

First, the new saw blade needs to be worn in. Cut the wood slowly first. Grind off the burrs on the saw teeth of the new saw blade. This is beneficial to improve the service life of the band saw blade. In addition, after replacing the new workpiece, you need to consult with the band saw blade manufacturer to confirm whether the band saw blade of this specification is suitable for sawing the workpiece of different materials and sizes. Selecting the correct tooth profile and tooth pitch of the band saw blade is conducive to improving production and reducing the failure rate.

The second is about the proficiency of operators. Whether the band saw blade is installed correctly. Whether the tension of band saw blade is adjusted properly. Whether the feed rate and cutting speed set in the sawing process comply with the specifications. Whether there is a timely speed regulation trial cutting treatment after the abnormal sawing of the band saw blade. If the tension or sawing speed of the band saw blade is not adjusted properly, it is easy to cause the band saw blade to loose and fall, or the phenomenon of tooth jam, tooth pulling, etc.

Finally, it is necessary to check whether the cutting fluid concentration and lubricating oil circuit of the band saw machine are smooth. Ensure that the band saw blade is lubricated enough. After the sawing work is completed, it is necessary to keep the area around the band saw blade clean. Ensure that there is no sawdust adhesion on the band saw blade and saw wheel. Regular maintenance can improve the service life of band saw machine and band saw blade.

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