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How To Use The Band Sawmill Correctly?

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Band Sawmill

Sometimes this situation may be encountered, why the same band sawmill machine is not used by others for a long time, this situation is mainly caused by the operation, the correct operation and adjustment of the woodworking band saw machine can increase the service life of the band saw machine, Let's take a look at the selection and use of band sawmill machines.

Horizontal band sawmills are generally operated manually, and two people should be equipped to work together when sawing larger workpieces. When performing straight-line sawing, hold the workpiece firmly with your hands, stick to the saw ratio, and advance it horizontally. The feeding speed should be appropriately controlled according to the material properties and the size of the workpiece, and it is forbidden to push, pull, and collide with the saw blade. When the worker passes the back of the saw by 200 mm, he can only pick up and pull. When the rear end of the workpiece is close to 200 mm of the sawtooth, you should let go of the hand when you get started, and the workpiece will be sawed by the lower object. When the saw blade does not reach a high speed after driving, do not feed the workpiece, so as not to suddenly increase the motor load.

So how to maintain the band saw machine tool?

The band saw is a high-speed machine. All parts cannot fail. Even a little hair will directly affect the life of the machine tool, production efficiency and normal and reliable work. In order to ensure the long-term normal operation and safe operation of the machine tool, the maintenance and management of the machine tool must be strengthened.

1. The workplace and machine tools should be cleaned frequently and kept clean, especially the resin sawdust on the saw blade and saw wheel should be cleaned.

2. The sawtooth is blunt and cannot be used continuously, and the saw blade is not good, so do not use it reluctantly.

3. The friction parts such as bearings, gear screws and slideways on the machine tool should be lubricated regularly.

4. When working, pay attention to whether the rolling bearings of the upper and lower saw wheels are abnormal, and the temperature should not exceed 60 °C.

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