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Maintenance Items for Portable Horizontal Band Sawmill

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Portable Horizontal Band Sawmill

The portable horizontal band sawmill machine is widely used in sawmills, mountain forests and other sawing sites. What should be paid attention to when the horizontal band saw is not used? Today, YSDMILL will explain to you

1. Loosen the tension by slightly loosening the saw screw several times to prevent the saw crank from deforming under long-term pressure, reducing the elasticity and affecting the use. It can be implemented at the end of a day or after several days. In dry season, it can be unloaded once a week. If the hemp rope is used for tensioning in practice, special attention shall be paid to prevent the hemp rope from moisture absorption and expansion in rainy days, shortening the length and damaging the saw crank.

2. Wipe lubricating oil, and brush varnish on saw crank and saw beam regularly within one year or one and a half to prevent moisture and deformation. The saw blade oil shall be the oil that can prevent rust during storage and lubricate during use.

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