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Precautions for operating a vertical sawmill?

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Automatic vertical band saw

1. If there is a vertical band sawmill that is operated by a special person, the operator should stick to his post, operate it carefully, and do not do anything unrelated to the operation. When leaving the vertical band saw, park the log carriage and cut off the power. There is no vertical band saw machine that is designated to be operated by a special person. After the operator has the vertical band saw machine, they should park the  log carriage and cut off the power supply.

2. The tools and wood of the vertical band saw should be properly clamped and fastened reliably.

3. For the mechanical speed change of transmission and feed, it is necessary to park after the tool is separated from the workpiece.

4. Pay attention that the wood should not have iron nails, and beware of damaging the knives.

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