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What Is A Horizontal Bandsaw?

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horizontal bandsaw

The processing form of a horizontal bandsaw is completely opposite to that of a regular band sawmill machine. The horizontal bandsaw machine uses the method of moving the saw head to process the wood without moving. So the horizontal band sawmill machine is not directly placed on the track, but is installed on the base by some small wheels. Then connected by tracks and wheels. This design can reduce friction and make the horizontal band saw machine move back and forth more smoothly and quickly.
A horizontal woodworking band saw machine is composed of a saw frame, a parallelogram adjustment device or a four screw adjustment device, a grinding saw machine, a track, and a lifting bracket.    When the horizontal band saw machine is working, the wood is fixed stationary, and the track is stably fixed on the wood. The saw machine is installed on the track, and the thickness of the processed wood is adjusted through a parallelogram adjustment device to make the saw machine cut along the plane of the wood.    Not only is it lightweight and labor-saving to process larger and longer wood, but the quality is also guaranteed.
Horizontal bandsaw machines are widely used for mobile processing in sawmills, shipyards, and mountain timber harvesting sites. The horizontal bandsaw machine has fast cutting speed, high yield, and high quality.

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