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When To Use The Automatic Horizontal Portable Sawmill?

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Horizontal Portable Sawmill

The automatic horizontal portable sawmill is composed of a saw frame, a parallelogram adjusting device or a four screw adjusting device, a saw grinder, a rail and a lifting bracket. When the automatic horizontal portable sawing machine is working, the wood is fixed, the track is stably fixed on the wood, the sawing machine is installed on the track, and the thickness of the processed wood is adjusted through the parallelogram adjustment device, so that the sawing machine can cut along the wood plane.

The automatic horizontal portable sawmill is not only light and labor-saving, but also capable of processing large and super long wood, and the quality is guaranteed. It is widely used for mobile processing in sawmills, shipyards and timber cutting yards in mountainous areas, as well as in operations in mountainous areas such as African virgin forests.

YSDMILL automatic horizontal portable sawmill machine has a maximum sawing diameter of 1300mm and a sawing wheel diameter of 600mm-900mm. The power is gasoline engine or diesel engine or electric power. It can meet the use of different workplaces. YSDMILL has high sawing speed and high yield.

YSDMILL is a professional automatic horizontal portable sawmill manufacturers and automatic horizontal portable sawmill supplier in China.We provided band sawmill for more than 30 years,attach great importance of research and developments.Our products have a good price advantage and cover most of the European and American markets. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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