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Why Is Diesel Engine Portable Sawmill Suitable for Mountain Forests?

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Diesel Engine Portable Sawmill

Electricity is inconvenient when cutting logs in the mountains. At this time, you need to use diesel engine portable sawmill.

Diesel engine portable sawmill is a portable sawmill designed and developed to provide power inconvenient sawing work sites. Diesel engine portable sawmill has the advantages of reliable performance, stable rotation, simple structure, convenient maintenance and durability.

YSDMILL diesel engine portable sawmill rail is welded with thickened rectangular tube material and high-quality steel, which can withstand the impact of large-diameter wood without changing shape. The band saw blade tensioning device of diesel engine portable sawmill adopts manual and hydraulic system, which saves time and effort. The lifting system adopts worm gear and chain transmission mode. The structure is simple and reliable, and the service life is long. The diesel engine adopts high-quality products with excellent performance and easy operation.

YSDMILL diesel engine portable sawmill can be dragged to the designated location by various transportation equipment such as pickup trucks and engineering vehicles.

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