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Working principle of woodworking band saw automatic log carriage

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Automatic Log Carriage

Woodworking band sawmill automatic log carriage refers to a material feeder that clamps logs to feed the band saw blade. The action that PLC needs to complete is to control the positioning of the automatic log carriage. The power equipment of a automatic log carriage  is an electric idea assembled on the chassis, which drives the main shaft of the automatic log carriage to reciprocate through gear transmission.

The advancement of automatic log carriage is the working stroke, and the retreat of the automatic log carriage is the return stroke. The working process is: first, the automatic log carriage table runs at a certain speed for an interval, and when the system receives the forward command again, it runs at the same speed for the same interval, and this interval can be modified. When the system receives a retreat instruction, it will return to the journey until the instruction is cancelled. The forward rotation and reverse rotation of the electric idea control the forward and retreat of the automatic log carriage table. Realize the control of the direction of the electric idea through the PLC control system.

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