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Why do you burn saw blades when working with a multiple blade rip saw?

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multiple blade rip saw

Multiple blade rip saw is a combination of saw blades after machining, and the single saw is a single saw blade operation, the general requirements of a single saw blade is not very high, even if the quality is a little bit worse does not have much impact;   And many saw is not the same, the requirements of the saw blade is relatively high, but the use of many saws are generally required to save wood, saw road small, saw blade thin, high finish characteristics.

Saw blade holes are generally divided into heat dissipation holes and sound attenuation holes.   Heat dissipation hole - because the saw blade works under high speed conditions, the saw body is easy to cause deformation due to heat;   Muffler hole - Reduce the noise produced by the saw blade during operation.

The general reasons for burning saw blades are as follows:

1.   The overall heat dissipation of saw blade is not good.

2.   Saw blades have too many teeth.   The more teeth, the greater the resistance, easy to burn saw blade.

3.   Sawdust removal is not smooth.   If the sawdust is not easy to discharge from the equipment, it will cause local temperature is too high, and it is easy to burn the blade, so the saw must be selected well.

4.   The material has too many impurities or is of poor quality.   For example, if the sawing is particleboard, and particleboard is too rough, too much impurities, too much resistance, will also burn chips.

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